Mom Blow Out Monday

“Sick” Mom Blowout Monday

Every year it hits your household, first the kids then the parents. Which lets be honest, is a load of crap. All the Enzymes, Lysol, and Airborne in the world won’t save you at this point. I use to be one of those moms that could stomach just about anything and I mean a n y thing! BUT after having my daughter, there are certain things I ‘just can’t’ deal with. IMG_8024.JPG

First off – I LOVE my kids. What I don’t love is them not understanding the concept of getting to the bathroom on time. This past sunday my house looked like a rerun of C.S.I. puke edition. (I’d hate for anyone to see my kid’s mattress) My youngest, thankfully felt the need to only vomit while in the loving arms of my husband. If only I would have known this sooner, I would have used this as my, “What are you thankful for?” at the Thanksgiving dinner table this year.IMG_8021

Then Monday comes, my husband goes off to work and suddenly I’m out numbered. If the people from the “Walking Dead” (who always seem to make it out relatively alive) can do it, then so can I. Right?! That was the thought running through my head as my husband was running out the door. No, seriously he was literally running out the door! I’m popping vitamin C gummies like they’re candy in hopes I don’t actually get sick myself. Cause lets face it, if that happens we are all screwed!

For those mothers with boys, I feel like in my case he was the worst of all. Taking care of my youngest boy was like trying to navigate a field of bombs. One false move and he was screaming for hours. Picking him up and then putting him down, back and forth with nothing calming him. Just as he’s screaming, my daughter is yelling at me from the bathroom while puking – “yep, there’s all those fruit snacks I had! There’s the apple! Raspberry!…Ohhh my tummy!”IMG_8022

By Monday I can feel my stomach starting to hurt. Of course, as all my kids round the bend and start to feel better there I am feeling sick. Which honestly, this is how it was ALWAYS going to play out. There was never a doubt in my mind that I wasn’t escaping this. This was how it would all end. Kids back to 100% and I’m over here just hugging good ol’ porcelain Johnny, thinking to myself how I don’t get paid enough for all this!



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