Mom Blow Out Monday

Christmas – Mom Blowout Monday

It’s that dreaded … er – wonderful time of the year again! The time where the stores are pack and your wallet definitely isn’t. The time of year when every grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister (you get the idea) ask for your kid’s christmas “wish list”. Every year I feel like I’m more and more shocked than the last. Some of the toys that come out just honestly make no freakin’ sense to me.

Of course as moms we want to get the things our children want the most, but what’s the limit? Where do we say NO? Browsing the stores I can’t help but look at the toys and wonder who the hell is buying this crap. I can tell you one parent who isn’t. ME!

Smart watches geared towards 5 year olds and under?! Sayy what?!

What kid needs a smart watch?! Not to mention a watch that makes calls?! Who are they talking to? I’m with my kids 24/7, why would I need to have a watch that allows me to FaceTime my child?! Just look down! Their precious little faces are there,  they are A L W A Y S there!

My husband actually said he wanted a Fingerling I really just wanted to just smack myself in the face and shake my head right there.


Like what purposed do these things actually serve? Their slogan, “friendship at your fingertips”! Honestly to me it sounds like a really bad adult toy advertising slogan. I can just see my kids thinking this toy is cool for all of a half a minute and me finding it in the garbage disposal a few days later. (That has actually happened people!) How about we just go get some real friends?


This next item my daughter has personally asked for (a few times) and while I’d love for her to have everything her little heart desires, this isn’t one of them. feb7b39d-9c94-49f9-bc48-3ea735242db7_1.85ace46a6b281ccaa2d4ff31e2ce0805.jpeg

I mean, how extra is this?! Cute? Sure, but totally not needed. Plus these type of items can only be played with for a few months out of the year. (Here in Indiana, you got maybe 4 months.) To drop $300 plus on this is just crazy to me. What do you do when your kid grows out of it?! This baby has 45 minutes of run time before you need to charge it for 12 HOURS! That’s like only two seconds of mom freedom. For me the good doesn’t outweigh the bad!


Maybe I’m old school, but I just think buying our kids experiences are so much more valuable than any of these options. Get them a gift card to Painting Fun Spot. That way when it’s too cold outside you can take them to do something fun that will last for a more then a minute. Pay for those ballet lessons your kids been asking for. Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation have super affordable options for beginner ballet. I’m not saying you don’t have to get them toys for christmas. For me when it comes to gifts, I think what’s going to entertain them for a good chunk of time? What is something that will challenge their thinking? What will get them active and moving?

Keep these things in mind as you go into the holiday season this year and as we always say, get out and make memories!

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