Mom Blow Out Monday

Mom Blow Out Monday

I love my kids, I love my husband, I do love my dog… This is what I say every time I walk into my bathroom. Whether it is my bathroom or my kids bathroom, I pray I do not kill someone I love. I am guessing all of you can relate unless you’re my children, my husband or my dog!

It seems like more times than not, I am sharing the bathroom with someone. I could be trying to use the bathroom, showering, or just trying to look half way decent. No wonder why the “messy bun” was created. It was created for all of us moms that are running out of dry shampoo and debating if we should throw some baby powered on our head while changing diapers. (I KNOW IT IS NOT JUST ME!) I mean, I have seriously taken into consideration on buying stock in Johnson & Johnson.IMG_7600

If it isn’t my two year old trying to sneak in the shower with me, it’s my husband. COME ON! Half the time I feel like I just say yes so they can stop letting the cold air in. Most of the time he is already half naked anyway. If I can shower on my own for 10 minutes and get at least one leg shaved, I take it as a #momwin! Half the time I am trying get my teenager to stop taking my purple shampoo. Instead of running across the house cold and naked I have given up hope and I already put my son’s lavender soap in my hair. (I mean it is in a purple bottle.. RIGHT?)

On the days I do not get to shower and I am trying to rock my mom bun. I find myself hunting for a black hair ties that seems to have gone missing . (I wonder who could have taken them … G Baby!) I somehow go into my kids bathroom and end up with some brightly colored hair tie. Like I need to be drawing any more attention to my greasy bun. Let me tell you, when I do not want to hunt for the perfect hair tie I go with one of the husbands hats. Thank God we are past the scrunchie era.

Speaking of husbands, I would love to know what it feels like to take 30 minutes to go to the bathroom. No wonder why his Clash of Clans village looks so good. It seems like every time I go to shut the door someone is trying to get in. Most of the times for no reason at all . WILLIS! If I had 30 minutes on Pinterest Lord knows what I could accomplish. If there was one time I could brush my teeth with out my son asking for it to be his turn, would be great! Instead I switch tooth brushes with him so he can think he is a big boy.

My days changed when I had kids. I stopped looking at the person in the mirror and started taking notice at the fingerprints on it. I started looking at bright colored hair ties, the yellow gel left on the counter and my new chewed up wet brush. That is when I truly saw my beauty. . . as a mother! So those of you that can relate go treat yourself with a actual blowout and a glass of wine. You deserve it!



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