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For every Witch .. You need a Broom

If you’re forced to be a basic witch this season …. I’ve got the perfect snack for you! I know with my little man in both daycare and school, my hands (and inbox) are full. This year with him starting school it was a little bit more difficult. They are a NUT FREE school… I mean what?! We’re talking you have to check the package to see if the product is made in the same factory as any nuts. IT IS LITERALLY NUTS. IMG_1892 I don’t know if you guys have really looked into this, but it’s too much. My family has gone paleo before (which we will get into later) and they even allow almond butter but not his school. Don’t get me wrong I love his school.

I have always been the mom to go above and beyond because my mom was always over the top with holiday planning.  Her and Martha were tight back in the day.. just kidding. Martha was THE Pinterest back then. Seriously folks, lets give her some credit.

The day after Nick and I got back from our honeymoon, I realized that I was next up for snack day at school. Yeah that was a “oh shit” moment. Why couldn’t I just go back to sippin’ on some pina colada’s somewhere in Mexico??? I scoured my house and the Target dollar aisle. I found cute Halloween pencils and some cute string. We had a ton of chips and pretzels left over from our rehearsal dinner. Leftover party supplies to the rescue! Thank you GFS for the pretzels not made in some peanut factory!

I used ziploc baggies, and cut the seal from the top of the bag.

I then stuffed the bag with enough pretzels to form a broom. I wrapped a the baggie around the pencil till I found it to my liking (Kels had a hard time with this – you OCD weirdo). I tied the ribbon around the baggie and VOILA! You can’t be a basic witch without your brooms this season.. and moms you have to have your quick and cute snack idea. The teachers and kiddos loved it!


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