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The Perfect Pumpkin Party

Every year we get together with our friends and family to eat good food and carve our pumpkins. We thought it would be helpful to give some do’s and don’t’s when it comes to hosting such a gig. As usual our party starts with wine! Here are the Do’s and Don’t’s . . .



Do – make the perfect treats! We thought we would be Pinterest Crafty and make these awesome spider cookies, but thanks to the – uh – “few” glasses of wine, we were told we can’t name them spiders only because we added six legs and not eight. For the recipe on how to make them, go here, may you have better luck (or more sobriety) than we do.

Do – make sure you have the best set up to display all your treats. Our last post, “$10 Pumpkin Stands” showed you how to set your party apart with the perfect pumpkin decor.

Do – make sure you’re fully stocked on all the carving and decorating essentials. We grabbed a few craving books, knives, and paints to help make your pumpkins stand apart from all the rest.

Do – hit that dollar isle at Target, cause you never know what you’ll find. I mean who doesn’t need cute stationary and shit. Ash and I found the best shirts for the party there, but just know you may go in and come out $122.56 later in the hole, BUT it’s all worth it, right? (That’s what I told my husband)

Do – allow your man child of a husband to buy and extra large, ridiculously over priced pumpkin to blow up just for kicks. (Please be advised we have plenty of cop friends – no laws were broken, we think anyway???)

Don’t – over spend on decorations. Girl, Dollar Tree! Seriously though, you can make some of the cutest decorations with the most inexpensive items. I mean did you see the mummy door we had?! IMG_7190

Don’t – over kill on food. We did a pot luck and asked everyone to help. This allowed us to have a wide range of food and to fit everyone’s dietary needs. Who doesn’t not eat gluten. Diary free, soy free, gluten free, air free. .   you get the point.

Don’t – dress your kids straight out of a H&M magazine. You are going to a pumpkin carving party not NY Fashion week. We loved the clearance rack and service at our local Gymboree.


Don’t – forget the wine! But most importantly don’t forget to have a good time. That is the whole reason why you threw the shin dig in the first place. Make memories, laugh tons, be slightly buzzed. Cause no good story every started with water.


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