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Snacks On Snacks – Witches Hands

We all know that every Halloween our kid’s schools throw them a “Fall” Party – (cause the word ‘Halloween’ is either too scary or offensive to some parents apparently). Most years my kids come home with store bought treats and toys that honestly just get thrown in the trash. For the past couple of years I have made it a point to make my kids their party treat and almost every year their treats are the first one’s eaten.

So for this year I wanted to do something different but fun! So I looked to Pinterest to find the perfect treat. That’s when I came across these super colorful and fun looking witch hands. First off I will say, these are super easy and cheap to make. However, they were definitely time consuming.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Clear Gloves – Non latex & powered free (You can find these at any party/food service store)
  • Popcorn – I used 5 bags all together
  • Wilton’s Color Mist – Green (You can find this at Wal-Mart)
  • Cherry Twizzlers – Nibs (I’ll pretend I didn’t childishly laugh at this word for a good 5 minutes..nibs lol)
  • Cute string or twine to tie the bags closed


First, you’ll want to pop all your popcorn and let it cool for at least 10 minutes. Once it’s cooled off a bit you can start spraying your popcorn with the Color Mist.IMG_7177

Allow that to dry for another 10 minutes. I tossed the popcorn around and resprayed them to really get a rich color. While it’s drying you can start filling your gloves with the nails (Twizzlers) in each finger slot. We kind of cut our Nibs (gawd this word) to look like finger nails.

My dad is cooler than yours!

After you’ve drank your entire glass of wine and are ready to start tackling the task of filling the hands with the popcorn, drink another glass. This is the most time consuming part of all! Filling each, individual, finger slot with the popcorn. Ugh, this strongly made me rethink as to what kind of mother do I really wanna be. I could have just been that mom that goes out and buys the all organic fruit snack or simply send an orange with the black sharpie pumpkin face on it. But noooo I had to be the mom that goes overboard and makes witch hands!



When it was all said and done, my kids loved them! They said they were a big hit which only helped reconfirm that going the extra mile is always worth it. Especially when it’s for your kids! Thanks for reading and please be sure to like, follow, and share our page!


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