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Mom “Blow Out” Monday

We’ve all experienced it at some point in time and no we aren’t talking about the worst diaper “blow out”. (That neither you or your diaper bag are ever prepared for.) We are talking about, the being up at 6am, running on some shit ass coffee that we wish was Starbucks, and losing our minds by 6:12am because your kids are moving slower than the car pool line on a monday.  Every mom has a blow out at some point in time. Being a mother of 3 myself, mine just happen to be more frequent than others. For this first post I decided to share and oldie but a goodie. So here’s how it all started. . .

It was one of the first weeks back to work after I had baby G. I had come back to work with over 1,500 emails and a lot of catching up to do. I was stressed from the work load not to mention missing my kids. I dreaded the drive home because I had three places I had to run to pick up everyone. Looking back on it, I can’t help but think what the hell were we thinking?! So after each stop I put on the “Happy Mom” face and asked each one how their days were. To each they groaned how “horrible” their day was, like being taken care of and eating freaking fruit snacks all day is just sooo horrible!

After all three were picked up and we were headed home, that’s when the yelling and fighting began. Anyone who has to have all three kids sit next to each other in the car will understand my pain. The “She’s touching my seat!” and the “He won’t stop looking at me!” bullshit. I had all I could take for that day, so I pulled off on the side of the interstate all Fast and Furious style and prepared myself for the wrath I was going to unleash.

I looked back at all my sweet loving children’s faces (we’ll pretend that’s what I was actually thinking) and yelled. “If you all wish to remain in this car and alive, you will stop the fighting and start the smiling! For the next 90 seconds I’m going to put on a song and we WILL all dance! In this car! Until all your shitty attitudes are done! Because so help me if I don’t see some freaking happy faces, you are all going to bed as soon as we get home!” (it was like 7:42 so it was possible!) My kids slowly nodded their awestruck heads. I randomly picked a song from my playlist and we danced, right there on the highway and in that moment I remembered why I love them so dearly. After that day we enforced dance parties at any and all times things got to be too much.

The very next week I put in my two week notice and said f**ck driving around for and hour in a half every night after work. It’s not worth the stress and my time is better spent loving on these three all day!



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