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The Great Pumpkin Excursion

Yesterday, Kelsey and myself rounded up our goblins, witches and monsters. For our annual pumpkin patch trip.  We were on the hunt for the greatest pumpkins we could find! Our journey took us to Hilger’s Family Farm. The kids were more than thrilled to be going, and to be honest we were too! (Thanks to our drinking habits our Master of Mixes Big Bucket wagon comes in handy every year)IMG_1904When we arrived at the farm we were greeted by a sheep taking a stroll. Thinking the kids would love it, we got closer so we could pet him. WRONG! Only our kids would be terrified yet somehow like the idea of it . They quickly got over their fear of the sheep and took off in all directions. This is when your #momsquad comes in great.

IMG_1917Most of the kids started off on the jungle gym surrounded by pumpkins .The jungle gym is perfect for any age.  The younger kids had no issues navigating through it. Kelsey’s littlest monster took off to look for his perfect pumpkin. Hilger’s has so many options in pumpkin sizes, color, and textures. They also have boxes located throughout the pumpkin area so you can figure out how much your paying. If there is not a sticker indicating so. Its super nice when your ballin’ on budget.

The kids then came across Hilger’s man made minon named Hilger. Trust me moms, I know I’m not the only one who has seen that movie and needed another glass of wine!img_1920.jpg

Next to Hilger is one of SMAN’s favorite things… TRACTORS! ( I mean he is a two year old boy) IMG_1985

We rounded up the monsters, and headed into the barn ! The kids took a detour and played on the swings, shot some hoops( bigger kids), and the hay area. While the moms got stopped by the yummy jams, and Kelsey and I ‘s favorite décor table. We lost the dads to the .75 cent popcorn and $1.50 apple cider. I of course couldn’t pass on a bite of our buddy Dans candy apple! ( only $6 people!) IMG_1986IMG_1987

sawyer on horse swing

Layla tire swinghilger jam

When you finally make it outside. There is so much more to do! Hilger’s has made their farm a happy and fun place for all ages. Elaine and Joe Hilger know a few things about kids they have 39 grandchildren, some actually work on the farm. IMG_1934sawyer climbing

Outside you can go through the two different corn mazes, play on another play ground. Go through the pumpkin maze, careful big kids . You may bump your heads ! You can climb up on the hay pyramids and catch a slide down. They also have a area of bouncing animals which seemed to be our kids favorite things. It may look like it is meant for little kids but it is meant for all ages. You can catch a ride in a couple different ways. There are tricycles, tractors, and other little ride on toys for the kids to get from one side of the play area to the other.sawyer john deere If you want to catch a ride with Joe on the big tractor make sure you grab your $3 tickets inside for the hayride. gunner jumping

Elaine and Joe thank you so much for the wonderful memories you have created for our families. This is a family owned business that has been in its current location for 7-8 years. Both Elaine and Joe were raised in a farming family so it only came natural to them to continue the tradition. They started the U-pick strawberries first , then the bakery, then the  patch. They also have a green house next to their home that sits on the property. There youngest son Will stays with them and helps them when they need. If you haven’t gotten your pumpkins or fall decorations I suggest you pay them visit. Overall, my family got four great pumpkins for $36 bucks! Two very large pumpkins and two medium pumpkins for kids.

I’m so glad we are able to share this local gem! Stay tuned for our next post to see how are pumpkins turned out !

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