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$10 – DIY – Pumpkin Stands

Our family loves Halloween and as the sisters who are known for hosting the coolest parties we knew we had to step up our Halloween game. So we headed to one of our favorite spots, Dollar Tree! First off, we LOVE the Dollar Tree! Everything is just a $1.00! With a Pinterest idea in mind and a mindset of “failure is not an option”, we set out to grab everything we needed. (but mostly stuff we didn’t need – every things a dollar guys!) Our goal was to make the cutest pumpkin serving stands.


We hit the seasonal section first(why the hell is Christmas stuff out?!) and grabbed 3 orange foam pumpkins and 2 glitter pumpkins. We knew we wanted silver serving platters and we were fully committed to the idea of having to spray paint trays with metallic paint. As usual though, Dollar Tree had our backs and we found already silver serving trays in their home section up front. We only Spent $8 before tax on all of our supplies! Here’s how we put it all together. . .


First we popped open the bottle of wine, cause all good crafts start with wine! Then we took off all the tops to the pumpkins, this was an easy step as they were just held together by a toothpick.

Then we hot glued one of the foam pumpkins to a glitter pumpkin, once that’s cooled you can then hot glue the tray to the top of the glitter pumpkin. Be careful on this step as the tray will heat up fast from the glue. This thought slipped my mind and I’m blaming it on the wine.

We continued these steps and added different heights to our trays. This helped give our finished set up some “layers” and added to the appeal.

We absolutely  loved the way these turned out! It was the perfect touch to our annual Pumpkin Carving Party! Check out the list below for all the things you’ll need to throw this look together. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more crafts! Now go make some memories with your little goblins!

Supply List

  • Bottle of your favorite wine, ours was Luc BelaireLuxe
  • 3 Foam Pumpkins
  • 2 Glitter Pumpkins
  • 3 Silver Trays
  • Hot glue Gun/Sticks

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